All of the jams, chutneys and preserves are made from home grown, chemical free produce grown here in Kyneton.

Real Home Foods jams, chutneys and preserves are all small batch jars of deliciousness made from homemade produce from our farm in Kyneton.  Made when the produce is at its best, there are only limited jars available. They are all made with love and care using only the finest ingredients our little farm has to offer.

Spiced Plums 

$10.50 – 

Homegrown Blood Plums preserved in warm spices and thyme. 

Delicious served with cheese-boards, meats or with ice cream.

Medlar Paste – 

$10.00 – 

Medlar paste is made from an autumnal fruit that tastes like roasted apples with the earthiness of autumn. Served with sharp cheeses like a manchego, English cheddar or Shadows of Blue, this will trump all of the other fruit pastes!

Blackberry & Plum Jam – $9.00

Made with home-grown blood plums and local blackberries this crimson jam is delicious on a thick slice of sourdough toast, or scones with a good cuppa

Fig and Ginger Jam – $7.00 sml

Fig season is my favourite and they often don’t last long enough on the tree to make jam!

Made with small black figs they are a lot sweeter than the large mediterranean variety and delicious on a good scone.

Green Tomato Chutney – $9.00 lg

Made with a mix of our favourite end of season heirloom tomatoes, the chutney is a sweet and spiced chutney made with mustard seeds and warm spices.

Nashi Pear and Chilli Chutney – $9.00 lg

Nashi pears are a super sweet oriental pear that taste like a cross between crunchy green apples and pears. Combined with homegrown chillies and warm spices this is great served with cheese, warm or cold meats.

Dark Tomato Relish – $7.50 sml

Made with juicy red heirloom tomatoes, pepper, and lots of garlic, this dark tomato relish is a kicker on a good burger or toasty.

Hot Zucchini Relish – $9.00

My favourite relish! Hot zucchini relish is ahhhmazing with sausages, cheese or on a cheese and ham toasty.

Blood Oranges for Negronis

$7.00 bag


I’ve created a little taste of going out drinks while we are all staying in. Dehydrated blood oranges ready made to slide into that negroni or G&T. Why wait for the weekend?

All products can be delivered free of charge through out Kyneton (contactless delivery can also be arranged)